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The Greek MuseumThe Center for Greek American Heritage
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The History of The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge

The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge was founded in 1996 and quickly became a magnet for individuals interested in preserving the history of this underdocmumented immigrant group. The response from a very diversified group of individuals was rewarding, since it gave credence to the importance of establishing  a location to exhibit, record and preserve the story of this immigrant group. They encouranged individuals to work on various committees, including an honorary board and a working board.   All are committed to the imporance of preserving their cultural roots and have an  appreciation and preservation of thier heritage.

Co Founcers  Katherine Boulukos  and Anastasia Nicholas want to create an institution that:  

1.  Would include an exhibition space to showcase peermanent and rotating  exhibits.


2.  Include a library that would contain documents, books, newspapers, maagazines and manuscripts for researchers and the general public to use and study


3.  Include an oral history department of audio and video recordings to document the contributions of the early immigrants


4.  Have a hands on display of particular interst to children


4.  Include a music library with emphasis on the music of early immigrants


5.  Maintain  a permanent exhibition area that would include embroideries, costumes, jewelry, pottery, household items, photographs and religious objects.


6. Offer  a gift shop featuring unique items related to the museum


7.  Include a space for concerts, dance recitals, lectures and play performances and receptions.

A brief history:

  • 1993: Katherine Boulukosand Anastasia Nicholas  begins the planning stage
  • 1995: Obtained the non profit 501 3 (c) status
  • 1996:  Chartered by the New York State Education
  • 2007: Begin to publish newlsetters continuing to the present
  • 2007:  Begin to use their photograph collection using, power point to present lectures and ongoing project

The Greek Museum, is a non profit orgnazion under 501 (c) 3 and is incorportaed by the Board of Regents of New York State in l996.

Where to find us

The Greek Museum -

The Center for Greek American Heritatge
Grand Central station

PO Box 1863

New York, NY 10163

Phone: 516 868-4092



Museum Location

The museum is one "in the making". 


The  museum is not open yet because we  are searching to find a suitable location within the New York metropolitan area.   More on that to follow!



Current Exhibits

We present rotating exhibits at various locations thorughout the city. Check back with the site to learn about our next presentation..

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