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Photo Exhibit about the Greek Immigrants in Brooklyn


The GreekMuseum, the Center for Greek American Heritage, was invited to present an exhibit of the immigrant story at the reception held by The Greek School of Plato, in Brooklyn, New York.  This group presented, in Greek, the exceptional play 
The Brides”, “Nyfes”, at the Fort Hamilton Army Base Theatre inBrooklyn. 


The exhibit included thirty  photographs about the immigrants, taken from the museum’s vast collection of photographs.  In addition, informative information and their newsletter was distributed.  There was an good  response to the display, with many questions from those in attendance about the work underway to establish the museum in the metropolitan area.


Once again, this was an excellent opportunity to tell the public about the museum to encourage support of the work ahead.

Mayor of New York City, Imperlitteri, and Nicholas Vagionis, Chairman of the Greek Independence Day Parade.

The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge hosts regular programs at various venues.  

We will announce on this site our next program, which will be held at a university in the metropolitan area .


More to follow.






This past year has been filled with challenges in positioning The Greek Museum, The Center for Greek American Heritage, onto a positive tract towards moving forward.


Despite the support of many within our network of members and friends, we still find ourselves unable to secure a location to open a “bricks and mortar” museum. This means that we do not have a location (yet), despite searching, tracking down leads, and meeting with various individuals to analyze the viability of a building or rental space. In addition, we do not have sufficient funds to secure a suitable, affordable space.


We have been reviewing the option of putting the museum “on line”, meaning, making it a virtual museum. This would afford many to go on line, and scan through our site. We would include many of the hundreds of photographs that are in our collection. In addition, we would include displays of the various artifacts in a visual, on line, setting.   We would also like to include the audio interviews that we have collected. This is certainly an innovative, new approach to presenting and preserving the history of the Greek immigrant.  This option might be best suited for our goals. We feel with this kind of exposure, additional support and funding would be raised.


Another option under consideration is publishing a book to include the information we have collected as well as many of the photographs. The problem here is the reality that hardcover books and even magazines are being subjected to the competition of “on line” publishing, and here again, the cost, distribution and marketing  of a book raises many questions. Nevertheless, publishing a book is another way of preserving the history of our Greek roots here, and is still under serious consideration.


There is no doubt in the minds of our Board and the founders that the need to establish a Greek immigrant museum in this area is still of paramount importance. And so, the question remains how best to accomplish this objective.


With that thought in mind, this appeal  comes to you, our supporters, with a request.


We would like to hear from you as to your thoughts on this subject.. What do YOU think is the best way to proceed?  


Continue to search for a rental space/building?


Create an “On line” museum


Publish a Book


None of the above:


I suggest:  


Our request is serious, so we hope that you will take a moment to reply.  

Either send us a mailed response to our address: PO Boxl863, Grand Central Station, NYC l0065, or email us at:


We thank you, in advance, for your continuted interest and support.


A recent visit to The Cyprus Museum in North Carolina

The address of the museum is 250 Memorial Drive, Jacksonville, North Carolina, 28546.


Several months ago, kathy Boulukos and Anastasia Nicholas travelled to jacksonville, North Carolina to see firsthand The Cyprus Museum, an extraordinary museum.  Created and run by Dr. Takey Crist, a native of North Carolina, he suggested that we women visit the museum to explore the possibility of moving the museum to the New York area.

The museum is organized into several sections.  One is filled with contemporary art created by Cypriots.   Another is devoted to books, musical records and tapes.  Another area  is dedicated to ancient  artifacts from Cyprus.  There were many ceramic statues, vessels and bowls.  Another contained textiles, bridal trunks, carved wooden furniture and other typical handmade items from Cyprus.  There is also an amazing collection of icons and religious paintings with mosaics.  Until recently, he had an extensive collection of gold coins, but he recently sold them to The National Hellenic Museum in Chicago.

Dr. Crist' love of Cyprus made him begin collecting  items from there before the Turkish invatsions in l974.  He has made 49 trips to the island over the past 50 years.  He decided to establish a Cyprus Museum to preserve and exhibit his extensive collection, which he continues  to enlarge.  He even has a small Greek church built on the grounds.

Following their visit, the women returned with a large exhibit of photographs decumenting the destructtion of several churches and archaelogical sites.  These photographs have been desplayed on his behalf recently at a special event held by the Long island American Cyrpio Association (LIACA).

The address of thismuseum is:  250 Memorial Drive, Jacksonville, North Carolina.  In a word, if you are anywhere near Jacksonville, NC, it worth a trip!  

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