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Permanent Collection

The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge houses an extensive collection of arifacts, photographs, records, documents and books with a focus on NY. The history of the  Greek immigrant  provides  an amazing cross section of material that is both local and global in its scope.  The early Greek immigrants came from the mainland of Greece, the islands of Greece, and Turkey, where there was a large Greek community established for hundreds of years.  In addition, many came from Egypt and other parts of Europe, carrying their Greek roots with them to the "new land"

Our museum committee maintains the collection with great care, and new items are added regularly,  thanks to our generous donors. We have listed a few of our favorite pieces from the permanent exhibit here:

His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos, smiling as he watches a youth activity.

An informal photograph of His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos

His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos, was the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox Church for ................years.  He was a gifted spiritual leader who loved serving his people, particularly the youth!

Original document of citizenship.

Immigrants arriving to New York

Arrival of immigrants from the island of Cyprus in l931.  Note that one passanger on the far left carrys his violin!

Take a virtual tour: the photo gallery below contains digital samples from our collection.

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Museum Location

The museum is one "in the making". 


The  museum is not open yet because we  are searching to find a suitable location within the New York metropolitan area.   More on that to follow!



Current Exhibits

We present rotating exhibits at various locations thorughout the city. Check back with the site to learn about our next presentation..

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