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Here is an overview of the latest news brought to you by the diligent staff at The Greek Museum - The Center for Greek American Heritatge.

The drive to celebrate the world of the Greek immigrant has continued to grow throughout the United States. Suddenly, there seems to be a renewed interest in our historical roots, our stories, and our people.

 One of the highlights of this past year was a gala celebration of the Greek immigrant called “Living their Dreams- Celebrating our Success”.organized by the Greek America Foundation, based in Chicago,  which is headed by Gregory Pappas.  The foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of Greek culture, history, heritage and ideals in North America.  This was a four day event that highlighted the accomplishments of many individuals who were successful in the world of medicine, the arts, sports, philanthropy and music. Greek American celebrities from around the country came to New York to recognize and be recognized for their accomplishments. It was truly  a remarkable event celebrating our heritage, complete with photographs (some of which came from The Greek Museum  collection),  music and interaction!

On another celebratory note, we commend the founders of the National Hellenic Museum  who have successfully opened  in Chicago this year! Their  decades- long drive for such a museum in Chicago has been realized, and we congratulate them.  Bravo!

In addition, there are other oranizations that are moving forward towards opening museums in their own geographic regions, including Detroit, and San Francisco. Again, this mission of preserving our ethnic story has reached many individuals who realize the importance of creating such museums now.

One new approach comes from Washington State, they have initiated a museum on line.    This, too, is a remarkable accomplishment. Congratulations for moving into the technological age!

As for our activities here in New York, we pursue various projects.    We have interviewed several elders for our “Oral History” Video Collection.  We have given a number of presentations to Greek and non-Greek organizations, utilizing our power point format. Preserving the photographs and conducting these interviews is an  ongoing project therefore if  YOU have information, contacts, and sources, please let us know. (see page 4.)    We participated in the City of New York Immigrant Week program, which  was held at Gracie Mansion this year.  Again, it was exposing the public to the story of the Greek immigrant.  We played a part in the Ellis Island Celebration, lending  many photographs and sharing  information about the story of the Greek immigrants in New York City.  We were part of their book, “Our Story” which contained a long article and photographs about the New York City Greek  immigrants.

Future plans include another exhibit in a metropolitan location, a book, and a video/internet connection. 

The important message is that time is running out to locate the historical information necessary to complete the picture of our immigrant story.  As the older  generations leave us, we loose our primary sources. Again, the appeal is to you to review your own historical backgrounds and to share this with us.  Lend us your photos; tell us your stories.

Our committee continues  to search for the appropriate venue to create The Greek Museum, the Center for Greek American Heritage here. Despite the encouragement and support of many, the hard reality is that the financial support is insufficient.  Without this critical support, we cannot open a museum. We continue to search for private and corporate  support.  The bottom line is that YOUR support is of critical importance

We  appreciate you past support and look forward to your continued help!


Past activities:

"A Journey, A Dream and a Fulfillment:  The Story of the Greek American Immigrant of New York" exhibit at the Astoria Historical Society was a great success!

An overflow audience attended a reception on October 3 at the Astoria Historical Society to view the exhibit that was presented by the Greek Museum.   A short program and discussion included an explanation of the photographs that were exhibited.

A selective group of photographs from the extensive collection of The Greek Museum, the Center for Greek American Heritage, were exhibited in a show entitled "A Journey, A Dream and A Fulfillment:  the Story of the Greek American Immigrant of New York".  The program was  presented under the auspices of The Greater Astoria Historical Society, located at Quinn's Gallery, 35 20 Broadway, Long Island City, NY 11106.  It was supported, in part, by the NYC Office of Cultural Affairs, and Councilman Peter Vellone

The exhibit included  images that depict the Greek community from the l800's to the present.  They include photos of their experiences in the trades, where they had an impact in the food industry, the flower trades and the furs.  The highlight of the exhibit is to reflect their work ethic, relationship to the family and the church and their unique contribution of the Greek immigrants to the American story.

The display was  part of the vast collection from The Greek Museum, a museum, "in the making".  A limited number of artifacts within this presentation include some tools from various trades, handicrafts, musical records, newspapers and books.


Future programs to be announced shortly

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